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Jun 30, 2016
There one up for sale on the auction site GovDeals in Tenn. under the listing for tools . I built mine using the torsionator as a model .
It was not to difficult to refine it a little .I used a gear box off a pivot irrigation system 50 to 1 ratio with over 60,000 inch pounds of torque i am driving it with a 40 to 1 1 hp gear box . And it bend 15/16 solid rod in a tight hair pin turn without any difficulty . And it is quiet ! i have mine mounted under a 4 ft by 10 ft table with a 3/4 inch top
And i am using a short piece of male pto shaft for a drive and my mandrels / benders have short pieces of female pto shaft these have a much better fit then his square drive . All the materials used in making mine are salvaged junk . If any one has any interest in the gear box from the pivot irrigation system i have several of them (cheap) they weight about 175 pounds . Just google pivot irrigation gear box for spec.
Define cheap

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