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Selling some tools and tooling


Feb 22, 2012
St. Louis, MO
A while back the county I live in decided they don't like home-based FFL's anymore and I was forced to surrender my FFL. I was going to keep all my machines and tooling to build my personal rifles, but when we moved I decided it was just easier to part with the machines. Now, I have a lot of tooling and parts left over that I have no more need of so I am starting to sell them off. Here is what I have for now:

1. JGS Floating Reamer holder, used but in flawless condition. I has probably only chambered 7 barrels. $150 shipped.
2. Lambeth Kiff micrometer reamer stop set. Also used but in great condition. $150 shipped.
3. Score High Remington 700 ADL/BDL bedding block kit and Score High Pillar Bedding Gunsmith Kit - adjustable pillars. All brand new, never used. $200 shipped.
4. PTG Recoil Lug Fixture, used, in good condition. $50 shipped.
5. PTG angled bolt handle knob removal jig. Used in good condition. $100 shipped.
6. PTG 1/4" barrel fluting cutter, used in good condition. Probably used 8 times. $125 shipped.
7. PTG .708 Bolt raceway reamer with set of 5 bushings. Used in good condition. $$350 shipped.
8. PTG recoil lug alignment tool, straight. Used in good condition. $20 shipped.
9. PTG recoil lug alignment tool, tapered. Used in good condition. $20 shipped.
10. PTG #2 11-degree crown cutting tool. Used once. $50 shipped.
11. PTG #2 .705 counterbore, used twice. $50 shipped.
12. PTG #3 .705 counterbore, used a handful of times. $50 shipped.
13. PTG #3 dish target crown tool, used a handful of times. $60 shipped.
14. PTG bolt handle slugger cutter, used once. $75 shipped.
15. PTG .243 Win. Finish reamer, used twice. $125 shipped.
16. PTG 7mm Rem Mag finish reamer, used once. $135 shipped.
17. PTG .308 Win finish reamer, used 5 times. $125 shipped.
18. PTG stainless Lawton style bolt stop. I have 2, $20 shipped each.
19. Parrish pillar bedding blocks, I have 3 sets, $5 shipped each.
20. PTG .25" tapered recoil lug, new. $20 shipped.
21. APA Little Bastard, Gen 1 muzzle brake, $90 shipped.

I have photos of everything, it's just too much to upload them all. If you want to see something, just let me know. Thanks guys, it's bitter having to sell all this, but hopefully it can go to good use.


Jan 11, 2007
I would like the Lambeth Kiff micrometer reamer stop (#2) for $150. Would like to pay with postal money order if that is ok.