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September 2021 Class in VT - DVD & HSB Stick now avaialble

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
I just got an Email from Warren Jones and he said if we can...he wants to do another class in Springfield VT in September 15 - 19 th, 2021 at the Gear Works. Gear Works Vermont | United States | Gear Works, Inc It will be a basic class for new people and advanced for prior students.

I now have transferred my Scraping DVD for public sale to HSB sticks. I sell all my products on eBay under King Scraping or they are listed in the Surface plate section. Item number 174586917814
I also have my classes, Straight-Edge castings, the Connelly book, my DVD's on there too. If you look at them and want something, look and then message me here and I'll give you the Practical Machinist discount. I can also get you a discount on new BIAX Scrapers....just let me know. Rich
Oh I also have my personal forum on Face Book with approximately 1000 members. It's called my company name - King-Way Scraping Consultants. This weekend we are discussing lathe bed scraping / hold downs. We have several professional rebuilders who are members. I have 3 moderators who were students and are either engineers or machinists by trade 2 are PM members too.. We continue to promote PM on there too. Rich
Thanks for posting this up Richard. I will keep an eye on the covid thing and Canadian border restrictions. I know a few Canadians have said they would like a class in New England, I would love to have 'em. Let's hope the Covid settles down here soon and we can have a class. More on this this summer. Email either Richard or me for information. my email is [email protected]

Email is better if you PM me as I probably will not see it in a timely manner.
Cheers everyone
Warren wrote and he said he is still planning a September class. I hope to God everyone will have had the Covid Shots by then and they open the Canadian Border. Don Shaduck the Host shop owner was trained at the original trained at Fellows and his building was a former Fellows mfg. plant. We try to take a 1/2 day off and drive up to the American Precision Museum too where Don donated an antique Fellows gear shaper. .APM - American Precision Museum

Pic's are from one of thee former VT classes and the museum:
Here are some more pictures of the Museum: If you are ever in VT it's a must to visit the Museum and a drive thru Springfield and see the river and how far it drops to make it a great machine water mill town.

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I thought I would update this thread. We still want to do the September 2021 class, We hope the Canadian Boarder is going to be open by then, if not lets try to get some other students. A glass we we did there 8 years or so ago, we had a fellow fly over from Portugal, so lets see some Europeans come on over. Rich
Now that the Canadian Border is opening up, we have a shot in filling the class. Would you be interested in a class in Springfield VT on September 15 - 19, 2021 at the Gear Works Vermont | United States | Gear Works, Inc It will be a basic class for new people and advanced for prior students.

Warren Jones is the coordinator and he has taken 4 classes too. His company does portable line boring of heavy equipment. and is another wealth of knowledge.

Don, The owner of The Gear Works is also a board member of the following museum and he arranges a special after-hours tour.. He donated the Fellows Gear Shaper they run in the museum. APM - American Precision Museum
APM - American Precision Museum
American Precision Museum. "Gracious, informative, and enjoyable.... We were last at the museum over 20 years ago when it was already impressive to manufacturing history fans like us, but you have made it relevant to a far broader, younger, and diversified audience."

Let us know asap if you're interested and I will sign you up. I won't send invoices until we have 8 people who want to come.

This will probably the last class I will teach on the east coast.

It is 2 months from the class. We have had some interest, but no one has signed up yet. If your interested in attending this class please let us know ASAP or we will cancel the class until 2022. Thanks Rich