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Set-up blocks


Jan 15, 2013
Northwestern USA
I have several sets of 1-2-3 blocks but an older machinist I used to work with had a pair half the size. They were 1/2" - 1" - 1 1/2" blocks. These were a commercially made product, not custom made. They had tapped holes just like the larger 1-2-3 blocks as well. Years later I've found that they would be very handy for certain jobs but cannot find them for sale. I expect they can be bought cheaper than making them myself. Anyone know where they can be purchased? I've tried the main online catalogs (MSC, McMaster-Carr, Travers, etc) and searched the net but can only find the 1-2-3's.
We had a member, sadly deceased John Stevenson aka the earl of bilgewater , he started a relationship with arc euro trade, they do the small blocks you want, downside …..metric
They may do an imperial, personally I don’t care if they are inches,millimetres or bananas so long as they are a matched pair