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Sharp 2414 toolchange issue


May 28, 2005
We have a Sharp 2414 VMC with 16-tool carousel and Siemens control, about 4 yrs old. The machine was down for a bit due to lack of proper replacement part for incoming air filter bowl (cracked at mount and leaking). We got the part, replaced it, and machine is more or less functional. We seem to have a toolchange problem associated with the following error message displayed on the control: "Wait: Read-in enable missing" along with 700064 code up at the top of the screen. The status light is on continuous yellow. The tool change behavior is this, in observational terms:
-- Command a tool change with an entered tool number
-- Carousel rotates to tool pot position.
-- No further action

The spindle does not move to toolchange position, the carousel does not make its lateral move to load position, etc.

Any hints about what to look for will be helpful before I call service guys. We don't have enough expertise (or time) to figure this out. Sharp in general is almost zero help.


Sep 19, 2009
Dunedin, New Zealand
only thing i can think of is that a proximity sensor or reed switch isn't being triggered to allow the sequence to continue, not at all familiar with Sharp or Siemens, is there a diagnostics page you can look at the tells the status of the I/O?

Could be a sticky solenoid not triggering a cylinder?

does the user manual have a toolchange sequence description or toolchange recovery procedure?