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Sheldon lathe collet set

Metal Shaper

Mar 5, 2022
I acquired this Sheldon lathe about 10 years ago.

P1120221 - web.jpg

P1120222 - web.jpg

It doesn't look that great but works fine. My machining needs are fairly basic and it's worked fine for everything I've used it for. I do basic operations and never needed to change out the 3 jaw chuck it had mounted on it when I got it.

I also got this collet set along with the lathe.
20220305_162513 - web.jpg

20220305_162534 - web.jpg

20220305_162443 - web.jpg

My question is if this collet set might be of use and thus value to someone? I've had it sitting in my garage collecting dust for about 10 years now without even thinking about using it. I've recently moved and now have an even smaller workshop space. I was thinking about trying to sell the collet set but don't even know if anyone would be interested in it.

Here's the details:
- Made by Porst Bros Mfg Co.
- 27 collets stamped M-150 ranging from 3/16 inch to 1 1/2 inch.
- The spindle mount has "Handmatic" stamped on it and fits a 2 1/4 inch threaded spindle with 8 threads per inch.

Is this collet set only useful on Sheldon lathe or might it be useful on other lathes?