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Shell/Face mill insert holder naming convention


Feb 12, 2018
Haas noob here...

I've got a BAP300R-50-22-4T APMT1135 shell/face mill insert holder (don't know the difference between 'shell' vs. 'face', maybe someone can chime in). I'm trying to figure out what the 'BAP300R' means. In searching, I've come across EAP... and CAP... but the sites I've found made no discernable distinction between them (that I can see). I've figured out all the other letters and numbers, but BAP300R has got me stumped. I believe this is an ISO holder.

Shell mill is something that is keyed and bolted to a holder thru the center.
Face mill is pretty much a generic term for a cutter that is designed to face mill top of stock only. They can be shell mills also. Or they can be an all-in-one holder-cutter combo.
HSS shell mills came first:

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 8.05.24 PM.png

Shell mill holders were made to hold these.

Indexable facemills came later and were made to interface with the same holders.