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Shingle saw


Nov 5, 2012
Ft Valley Ga.
I am looking for info on a shingle saw . I am looking for one that would be suitable to be operated with a flywheel engine .

My hope is someone on here has some info on different styles /designs and where I might be able to find one .

Many years ago I saw one at an Engine show in operation and loved it . I thought that one would surface in my travels but so far it has not happened .

Thanks Donny
Where I live, stuff like this almost never comes up on craigslist, or at dealers- its sold direct, collector to collector.
You need to get into the network of guys who hoard, repair, and run antique steam machinery.

In Georgia, I found these guys online- but I am sure there are more- there are groups like this around the country. And in every group, there are guys with acres of this stuff.
Cumming Antique Power Association
It's coming time for the antique power shows. Oughta be one at a few different shows. Some pretty fancy and some plain, but all dangerous, so be careful!
Taildrager ,

If you try some searches on archive.org and the Hathi Trust Library its hard to say what information you might turn up

I found a number of volumes of Canada Lumberman and Wood Worker on archive.org
Internet Archive Search: publisher:"Don Mills, Ont. : Southam Business Publications"
Links are listed as” Canadian Forest Industries”
I tried one volume and found these links
Internet Archive: Error

Internet Archive: Error
This turned up in a Google image search
Sawmills | HWT Project

Here are some more I looked at.
Searching on these archives requires a little luck and a little different approach to searching on Google.
I saved the steps I followed to give you an Idea how I found some of these.

Full-text Search Results | HathiTrust Digital Library








https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/ls?field1=ocr;q1=Shingle Saw;a=srchls;lmt=ft

Thee may be some videos of a shingle mill working at one of the International Plowing matches on Youtube
There are some links to some photos of one in post #7 and a photo of a shingle mill at Upper Canada Village in post # 13 of this thread .