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Shizuoka AN-S servo drivers


Oct 6, 2019
So I have purchased a Shizuoka AN-S cnc milling machine as a project. I do not have much experience with cnc control and electronics but I am eager to learn. I am hoping to use a PC with Mesa cards to control the machine. Right now most of the original Allen Bradley controls are already missing so I am planning to get new servo drivers. I am looking for recommendations on what drivers to use. I would like to keep the original DC servo motors but am having trouble finding anything that seems be able to take advantage of the powerful motors. The tag on two of the servos list 150V DC at 55 amps peak. The third servo is only 120V DC with 39 amps peak I believe. Are there any affordable servo drivers that can take full advantage of these servos or am I better off buying something like DG4S-16035 DC servo drive - CNCdrive - webshop which can't deliver the peak amperage. What are the drawbacks of this? From what I have seen it just mean slower speeds mostly but how much slower? Any help is greatly appreciated and I am sure I will have a lot more questions in the future.

P.S. if anyone has any manuals for this machine I would love to get a copy and can pay for your trouble.
I know this is an old post, but did you ever find any info? I find myself in the same boat. I purchased the same model a couple of weeks ago and am facing the same stuff.
I have a Shiz AN-S with SEM DC brushed motors and used the DG4S-16035 for all 3 axes and it has been an excellent conversion. It meant I was able to use the original encoders and I didn't have to change any of the mechanicals.

I have the manual / parts list if you are looking for one. Matt Wortley (a fellow AN-S owner) posted a copy on his Google Drive. Although the scan doesn't look amazing, it's actually a fairly faithful reproduction of my original, which is 40 years old of course.
Yeltrow's site.