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Shop or service truck tools---FOR SALE


Hot Rolled
Apr 21, 2010
northeastern Pa, USA
Take a look at the pic below. These tools are surplus to my needs. They are new. Before they start to rust or get damaged it's time to move them on.
These are not junk by any stretch. We bought good stuff when we had to go on the road to service.
Yes it is a mixture and some of you would only want one or two of the items and I am not a store. Sold as a group only.
They are priced to sell if you do your research. One thing I did was to separate them into three (3) identical groups because that's what I had. So just to be clear. I have 3 groups of what you see in the pics for sale. You can buy one, two, or three. If you buy more than one I will combine the items for shipping. Each group of 11 items is $76.00 shipped. FYI The price just for that tubing bender is now around $75.00!


So here is what we have:
Ridgid 3/16" Tubing bender
Rigid 103 Tubing Cutter
1/4" Proto 4749 Ratchet
Burndy wire-mike
Klein Step drill--#11
Small step drill--maybe greefield?
Morse 1/2-60-44319 countersink
Small "original vice grip" made by IRWIN
2x PROTO 289-LN vice grips
PROTO 290-R vice grips

Respond to this post and PM me. First come first served. As always paypal, check or money order.