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Shop Space in Southern California


Nov 23, 2003
Beaumont, TX, USA
I know you are asking about California, but that is probably the worst place to move to in today's economy. In fact, that state is experiencing a net loss in people and with good reason.

I had accepted a job in California some 20+ years ago at a Saturday interview. Then on Sunday my wife and I looked at houses. Even back then we saw that a total fixer-uper was completely out of our sights, even with the increase in salary I would be getting. We called the company back before flying home and withdrew my acceptance. And that was probably the best financial decision of my life.

I am now retired and living on social security and a very small pension. And I am still paying off the mortgage on my house. But I have no problems making ends meet here. In CA I would be on the streets.

I am now in Texas, where people are moving TO, not from. No state income tax. You heard that right, NO STATE INCOME tax. We do have sales and property taxes, but no worse than other states and probably a lot better than CA. My house cost about half of that fixer-upper in CA and it is a lot larger and has a two car garage, which is now my shop. And it was ready to move in. I am about an hour and a half drive from Houston where some of the best hospitals in the South are located. I get a Houston paper and they are advertising for employees. Dallas-Ft Worth also has excellent medical facilities but I do not get the paper from there so I can't say.

And, with NASA and many industries, there is almost always work in the machining trade. Even here, in little old Beaumont, we have a large shop that caters to the oil and marine trade and a bunch of smaller ones. As for your business shipping needs, Houston and Dallas-Ft Worth are major transportation hubs so you can ship quickly to almost anywhere.

If both you and your wife are looking for a place with a bright future, do give Texas a glance.

Oh, and yes, we do have some of those things with a bunch of sand on them. What are they called? Oh, yea, beaches.