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Should I buy K&T 3H


Feb 5, 2022
I have an opportunity to get a kearney trecker 3h vertical mill. Not sure if I should though. The seller originally wanted $2500 for it but I offered $1700 and he accepted. After talking to him he informed me the Y axis lead screw had broken and he welded back but thought it might be broken again.
The pictures he sent me weren't that good and didn't include any of the broken screw.
I noticed in one picture you could see the sight glass and it looked gummed up. But not sure if something was on the outside or it is internal.
Maybe it's not on all models but I didn't see a shaft going down from the right side of the spindle to the knee which I assume is the power feed for the spindle.

I backed out of the deal because of these and that it was a 3H instead of a no.2. I don't have a trailer rated for the no.3's weight.

After a couple of weeks I recieved a text from him saying it needed to be removed from the building because it had been sold and that if I still was interested he would bring it to me. I live about 2hrs away.

I'm seriously thinking about it but the gummed up sight glass and broken screw have me worried. I'm thinking of offering $1000.

What are you guys opinions?
Can the oil system be cleaned out without disassembling the machine?
Are new or used lead screws still available?
I would post pictures but not sure how. As soon as I figure it out I'll add them.