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Single phase 4.5kw CO2 laser tips


Aug 4, 2021
A few years ago my company bought an Amada FOL-3015 4.5KW CO2 laser. Three phase power simply isn't available where we were located. If someone wants to attempt this the details below may be helpful.
I bought a Phase Perfect ~190 amp three phase generator. This was used shop wide for various CNC machines that we didn't want to modify and some bits of the laser. The largest load in the Fanuc resonator is the VFD running the turbo blowers and the DC power supplies. These take too much power to run off the Phase Perfect unit. To reduce the load I used a Bonitron M3712 to generate a large amount of ~320VDC. The front end stage of the 4x Fanuc power supplies is similar to a VFD front end so I was able to inject the DC into the power supplies and the Hitachi VFD that runs the turbo blower.

The machine has run fine for a couple of years now. I believe this technique could work with most lasers with some modifications.

PM me for more details if needed.