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Single shot casting sets


May 2, 2019
Central Oklahoma
This is Rodney Storie I have investment casting molds for 30 different single shot actions. I am getting some cast up now for sale. From $225.00 to $295.00 and parts like Buttplates and fore arm tips. For a list of what is on hand send me your email to [email protected]. I sell only what I have on hand you can request something for the next order no money up front. I have retired from teaching machine shop at a career tech here in Oklahoma. Doing this as a small retirement business. On hand at the moment are Remington #1 rolling blocks sporter,Remington #3 Walker conversion sets, Sharps 1874, 1877, 1878 sets Winchester 1885 coilspring single and DST. Ballard single and DST. Gibbs Farquharson detachable action, Westly Richards 1897 and Field 1877 and more. N send pics to your email.
I have built a few rifles from Rodney's castings, have several in process. I'm a chronic addict to the single shot building and shooting to the point that I seem to start one of these, get them to the state where they shoot but I have a bit of a problem taking them all the way to finish. I'm posting pictures of a select few. A Highwall, a couple of DS Coles, a rolling block, Wesson mid-range, 3 of British origin (Webley, Westley Richards, Gibbs Farquharson) and a Farrow for starters... If you have time, equipment - a mill makes it convenient (but mostly a file) and the aptitude to handle one of these projects - be very careful, it's a slippery slope. :D