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Sinker cnc EDM or CNC mill penumatic turbine as replacement for Jig Grinder


Feb 18, 2021
We have old Hauser jig grinder which isnt in working condition and guy which run it got better job. So we dont have jig grinder which isn't problem until it is needed rarely but when is needed it is big problem not having it.

One option which is proposed is we get new air turbine for HASS VM2 and do grinding of small holes. Air turbine isnt cheap at all and I have feeling it would be problematic on its own.

We use sinker EDM also from time to time but for it there is more work then for jig grinder and our sinker is also old and guy which run it isn't younger either.

So I was thinking if new or second hand cnc sinker EDM could be used to replace jig grinder, we will get lot newer sinker which is lot easier to run then old one which can fail any moment. CNC sinker EDM which can replace jig grinder would be big argument to get one, because they are reluctant because old one is still working and second hand non cnc sinker EDM are cheap.

But because grinding isnt my field I don't have clue what is better option to replace jig grinder so any thoughts from you grinders?

Btw we dont work some massive molds so even smaller cnc sinkers will do the job.
Jan 15, 2005
The Netherlands
I cannot advise you in this But I happend to have a Hauser Jig grinder for sale really cheap It was used only a few times the last 20 years . Price is 1750 euro Located in the Netherlands Pm me if you are interested20230705_112629.jpg


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Feb 18, 2021
I saw your offer on machineseeker it is quite good offer but our management isn't interested in second hand machines even in quite good condition and we machinists don't like to push them to get one because if there are problems well we will be blamed.

Plus as you can see we lack man power so switching to cnc sinker EDM would solved smaller problems now but bigger in future.

This is why I ask can cnc sinker edm replace jig grinder.
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