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Slitting saw nightmare.


Jun 28, 2012
Mt Clemens, Michigan 48035
We had success with what we called an Atkins grind. A tooth to cut only the two corners and the next tooth to only cut a section of the OD..with the OD blade higher than the corners cutting tooth. This so cutting each tooth action to be about 1/2 the cutting forces..
But I think your part is pinching in on he saw, so wont be resolved with not making the part solid-core during the machining.

Even filling it with wax (a poor choice) would be something... or press the part onto a slotted bore and feed outwards.

QT: I have broken 7 saws....at nearly $100 a pop.


Jan 14, 2007
Flushing/Flint, Michigan
Ti solid or not has a way higher "spingback" in the cut so you bind or lockup the cutter. You have seen this bad deal cost you real cash.
In a saw this means a higher backtaper and side taper on each tooth is needed to prevent binding and mount runout is a bigger problem than normal steel work.
Mari or others can provide you with specials. These cost much more out of the chute but eliminate the early failures you are getting.
I am firmly in the camp of it such special does not do better then you do not pay for it of maybe pay for it's short life.
If your special fails, will you get back all your money up front which is a small amount of the tool cost involved.

First get real picky about the mounting and run-out at the full depth of cut.
That does does not solve the collapse. Pay attention to the subtle tool marks at entrance and exit. I guess one could call this the wipe.