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Small 10mm diameter rod


Feb 8, 2023
Hi evryone,

I have a cnc haas st20y barfeeder and subspindle.
But i get a lot of work for a small diameter rod with length 200mm or longer, also with knurling sometimes, but I do not understand how i can stay stable, do i need a centrepoint? Or what kind of machine would be best for this kind of work

In attachment a example of what i want to do


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Hot Rolled
Mar 11, 2019
A Swiss Screw Machine (sliding headstock) would make these parts complete.

I could make them on my single spindle Brown and Sharpe screw machines.

You could make them on your ST20. I dont know if you can get a knurling tool in there with the sub spindle holding the other end steady.

I generally knurl with a straddle style holder from the tailstock/sub spindle. Most cnc's dont so it this way and I would not be the best person to let you know how to do it on your machine. They do look like simple enough parts, I am sure you can find a way.