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Small align bore?


Mar 16, 2010
Missouri, USA
All - thanks very much for this advice. We decided to make a fixture plate which will hold a drill bushing, like Gordon suggested. We'll tack weld the fixture plate to one of the flanges, and then use a mag drill to enlarge the holes. We'll then use a long pilot adjustable reamer (https://www.mcmaster.com/adjustable-reamers/straight-blade-adjustable-size-reamers-8/) to get the holes into alignment and tolerance. Then add the bushings.

To answer some of the questions above:

1) The two bolt holes are 7" apart.

2) We need a tight fit on the bolt (hence, the 0.002" tolerance). The old holes were loose, and the bolt pounded them into an oval shape.

3) No, this is not a dirt bike. :) It's a piece of ag/construction equipment.

Thank you again!
I thought for sure you were were going to say it was a Jeep with the "death wobble". I need to do a similar operation on an old Grand Cherokee.