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Small lathe on HGR


Dec 4, 2010
McClure, PA 17059
I'm always looking at HGR, sometimes I find good deals. They have a small lathe seems complete, rusty but look like it can be cleaned up. Little pricey but just about all new arrivals are. However as time goes by they continue reducing the price. It might be the unmentionable brand but I don't see the brand anywhere. If you'r looking for something like it and willing to watch the price waiting for it to drop you might get a good deal. They will accept offers but time dictates if it will be accepted, they often have sales, machine tools have a 20% discount. Usually after the sale they will drop the price about 20% if it didn't sell and repeat that after the next sale. Check it out if your looking for a small lathe. item #0319-160-0024 Eight rows down

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