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Small Putnam Lathe For Sale

Joe in NH

Jul 28, 2007
Stratham, Cow Hampshire
Friend is now cleaning out and wants this sold. I advised him "perhaps $150" so this is the ask.

It's "Putnam Machine Co. Makers Fitchburg MA" on the applied nameplate. No date. I put it before 1876 when Putnam went to a "cast in" name on the headstock. The bed molding puts it possibly before 1870 but perhaps best said is its "post Civil War."

It's technically a woodworking lathe in a small "patternmakers" tradition with a saddle/cross slide. Two gibs (i.e. wood) No back-gear, no power feed, no lead screw. A steady rest that someone "made up" to fit but functional. A chuck and a couple of face/backing plates. Another tool post and numerous wood-working type centers. No woodworking rest or banjo - but one could be applied easy enough.

Bed is 37 inches long with 7" swing (largest diameter over the bed. A bit less over the saddle. About 18" between centers stretched out. Nice legs and tailstock pattern.

This occupied an upper shelf in friend's shop and was not used - more of "machine tool ephemera" for him. I imagine a similar destination at wherever it lands.

I would keep it myself except for the um 9 (!) other lathes of my ownership. Not including the ephemera.

Ask price $150. Open to offers. Location Stratham, NH. Delivery possible to Dublin Gas & Steam Engine Show in Dublin, NH held September 9, 10, 11 this year.

His words "Best it should go to someone who appreciates this."

Joe in NH


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