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Smaller CNC lathe with sub spindle, small parts


Apr 28, 2015
We have been toying with a new machine. Checking a few, it immediately led us to Swiss style. This is great, but we are paying for a lot more machine than we need. Our parts are not complex. We currently have (3) Hardinge Conquest 42's, one is a T42. All have bar feed, two with live tooling. These are good, but we were looking for something for smaller parts, with some back work capability. Whether it's just adding an OD thread or tapped hole or simple deburr, just so we don't have to do it as a secondary operation. Tapping was another issue with the swiss. Most had a 5/16-18 (or M8) capability. One of our larger runs (5,000-10,000 pieces) requires a 3/8-16 internal thread, but it's in 1/2" round brass, so a bit soft and easy to do. I currently run these in the Conquest, but there must be a better way.
If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.