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smallish subspindle Y axis turning center recommendations


Hot Rolled
Jul 17, 2008
Gainesville, FL
Based on this recent PM thread, I would check with a shop or two that has a newer Tsugami M08SY before buying, as it seems there might be some shortcomings with the fanuc integration?

I've got a Doosan PUMA 2600SY and a couple 220 LYNX machines, and can't say enough good things about them.

I've seen a few newer Nak's up close and spoken to the operators, and am still convinced you cannot find a more rigid, finer machine. I've also hear very positive feedback on Takisawa and Miyano subspindle machines.

I don't know one Okuma subspindle machine owner who has been disappointed with their purchase.

I would never touch anything new, especially that MAZAK, as I think it was touted as being an ECO series machine somewhere it their literature.

I would definitely consider service in your area, as you'll need it sooner or later with more complex machines like these...

And Mori service in general seems to be lacking in most parts of our country, unless you have a bunch of their machines on your floor.