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SNMX 1206 carbide inserts. 8 edges, are they economic ?


Feb 21, 2021
Hi. I'm new to CNC machining. I'm trying to figure out what kind of inserts I should use when choosing shell mill to do face and side milling on plates for tools and dies. I used to do everything with flat TPKN inserts but IMO those are relic of the past. This is not volume production. Only for tools made for my own needs. Machine spindle 7HP, taper BT40. Most popular insert today APxx are cheap but only 2 cutting sides. If I'm correct for 30% more money I could get SNMX 1206 or 1205 and have 8 edges to use. Shell mills from AKKO which take those inserts are not that expensive either. Does anybody use them for this kind of jobs and could tell how well they do? Where is the catch ? Do you have any other recommendations?



Hot Rolled
Jul 9, 2015
I have milling inserts with 2 corners and milling inserts with 14. All comes down to what the tool needs to do and how much life you get out of that corner. I think the catch is if you blow up the insert on the first edge the rest of them are useless. :)