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Sodick A325 Troubleshooting Problems

Mark V

Sep 24, 2014
I recently fired up my Sodick A325 after it’s been sitting around the past year while I’ve been solely using my Sodick A535.
Needless to say, I ran into three issues within the first 20 minutes, which has prompted me to post here.
First, when manually threading the wire, when the wire reach the rear discharge rollers after the suction block, the wire speed was extremely fast, Because I still had a little slack, this caused the wire to pop off the pulleys in the wire feed unit when the slack was taken up too fast. I got the wire to feed without popping off the pulleys when I left no slack in the wire. But I’ve done this before with a slower wire speed and the wire takes up the slack without having the wire pop off the wire feed unit pulleys. So my question is how to adjust the wire speed slower for the AWT operation.
Second issue: After successfully threading the wire, I set up a 1/2” aluminum test piece on table and attempted to do a G80 move (X-) to pick up edge of work piece, Everything looked well until the wire touched the workpiece. It paused briefly before rapidly taking off in the X- direction that I called out. It broke the wire almost instantly, and was about to over travel before I hit the OFF button on the Mark25 Controller. Why would this happen?
Finally, I threaded the wire once more and decided to try machining the workpiece with a standard G01 (X- direction) without the C151 machining parameter. However, the wire and machine started to move without the dielectric fluid filling up. I, again, had to abort this function by hitting the OFF button. Why would this happen?
Would I be able to make adjustments somewhere to fix these issues, or would I be better off to re-install the floppy discs.
Any help with some or all these issues would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mark


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Jul 23, 2019
Awt feed speed can be controlled from set>machine>awt 2 feed speed.

For second issue perhaps try putting t94 in your code for submerged machining