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Sodick MM3 sinker EDM control will not power on


Feb 8, 2021
We recently acquired a Sodick Mold Maker 3 sinker with NFII 40 control and it appears that there is an issue with the control board. I have limited experience with EDMs, but I do have most all of the books and schematics. It is possible that it's a battery on the main PC89 control board, but I don't have the procedure for checking or changing it.

Here is what we're seeing:
BIOS starts but throws an error: "Memory size does not match CMOS - run SETUP // Press <F1> to continue"
{Press F1}
Neuro Fuzzy II splash screen loads, but title turns red and it throws error: "Handle of Chinese or Japanese lib error // Press any key to continue"
{Press any key}
Blue Neuro Fuzzy logos appear and the control hangs. Cannot {SOURCE OFF}, and {POWER ON} clicks relays but nothing else happens:

I believe the book says if the BIOS says "Press <F1> to continue", then you're supposed to power down and restart.
I have a few 3.5" disks, they look like maybe user and machine configs, also one with NF Q Routines. Starting the control with any of those in the drive prompts me to remove and restart.

I'd appreciate any information that could help troubleshoot this problem and/or information on the machine. I don't see the NF II control discussed in many Sodick threads, is it a bastard? Or is it just a different wrapper on something like the Mark 21?