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SOE filter wetting agent?


Nov 4, 2004
The SOE manual says to apply DELBAG VISCINOL A 30 wetting agent to the filter, after cleaning. Is this stuff available or is there an acceptable substitute? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

I think the lack of response you are getting isn't because people aren't willing to help... I suspect it is because we don't have a clue! :( Good luck with your hunt.


P.S. The Deckel grinders are still being produced by Michael Deckel. His website is www.michael-deckel.de You will probably get your best response by contacting them...

Hmmm, gotta wonder about a company whose IT department has broken links on the main page! The website *should* point to www.deckel-grinders.com but actually points to a non-existent www.deckelgrinders.com :(
Can you explain the function of the filter? I looked up wetting agents used in grinding and they seem to be additives to coolants to reduce foaming.

Bob Welland
The wetting agent is going to be an oil or somthing like the K&N spray used on auto air filters. Oiling filters is a common practice but we all know Deckel, they are quite specific about some of their specs. I emailed both UK and US grinder companies but have'nt received a reply.