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Some shop items to sell


Mar 24, 2005
Like many, I am down sizing. A move to a much smaller house without a 52x26 two story barn means I can't hoard anymore. And like many, getting older means thinking about the future in a more pragmatic way. I'm going to do this in a little different way. Normally when I sell something I research prices, clean the item up to make it look it's best, test it to describe it to my best ability etc. I'm not going to do that with thread. I'll describe any condition issues I see. The pictures will tell the story as well. Ask questions. If you see something you want, send me a private message with your address. I will pack it and ship it. When you receive it, look it over and send me the shipping cost plus whatever you think it's worth to you. That's right, I'm letting the buyer set the price plus shipping. Checks are fine, I don't do paypal etc. Most of what I'm listing here is not high dollar stuff and I'll start another thread at some point with other items that will have an asking price. I'm putting this in the antique section because a lot of what I'm listing is pretty old and there will be more interest here. The risk to you? The price to ship it. The risk to me? Not much. I've never had an integrity issue with anyone in the antique forum, quite the opposite, and I've been here almost 19 years. Please, members with more than 25 posts only. Transactions are private between me and the buyer. No public comments from me on the subject.
I hope Greg doesn't object to this and is willing to give it a go.
This is only the first group, I have much more. Individual pics next post.

IMG_1255 - Copy.jpg

IMG_1254 - Copy.jpg
I think this is from a 16" South Bend lathe.
I also think it's the lead screw support from a long bed lathe.
Let me know if I'm wrong.
IMG_1268 - Copy.jpg

IMG_1267 - Copy.jpg
Not sure but I think this is part of the collet rack for a South Bend.
Let me know if different.
IMG_1265 - Copy.jpg

IMG_1266 - Copy.jpg
Part of a unknown micrometer carriage stop. Missing the clamp.
Center of mounting hole to center of "V" way is about 1.5".
Stamping may be 14-7.

IMG_1262 - Copy.jpgIMG_1263 - Copy.jpgIMG_1264 - Copy.jpg
I'm going to start adding thumbnails instead of full image.
Nicely made 3" 5C 4 jaw chuck.
I got this without the jaws and had planned on making jaws at some point but that's never going to happen. No makers marks anywhere.
IMG_1259 - Copy.jpgIMG_1261 - Copy.jpgIMG_1260 - Copy.jpg

In your first picture, unless I am incorrect in eyeballing sizes, it looks like there is a Number 3 MT male x Number 4 MT female extension. I'd like to buy it from you. Please PM me price including shipping (or postage) & USPS address & I will get a check out to you.

Thanks and wishing you a healthy, happy and great new year !

Joe Michaels
Armstrong tool holder set box. 1 spot weld has come loose. See pic in 1st post.
The decal is rough but you can see it's Armstrong. It came with no tool holders but I think I have a complete set. I have many, many lantern tool holders of all sizes.

IMG_1256 - Copy.jpgIMG_1257 - Copy.jpgIMG_1258 - Copy.jpg
I can see I shouldn't have put the picture of all the items first. I'm getting questions about things I haven't posted or taken pictures of yet. If you want something state it here on the forum so others will know it's spoken for, then PM me with an address.
I'm answering PMs now with information about the unposted items.
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I have sent PMs and am waiting to hear back to confirm if people still want items after I sent pics.
The tail stock turret tool is back in play.
The J&L boxes are all 4MT to 4JT drill chuck arbors.
NOS with 2 missing their plastic.
Made in India.
IMG_1308 - Copy.jpgIMG_1309 - Copy.jpg
I picked these up some years ago and was hoping to sound really knowledgeable and list them by name. I did know what they were once but now I've forgotten again. They look nicely shop made except for the 3 on the left. They say Huron NF 20-8JN. There are 4 different styles. Refresh my memory, what are they?


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Universal Engineering Accura Flex 2 chucks, (91954), and collets. 45 taper. Collet sizes are listed on box.
IMG_1311 - Copy.jpgIMG_1310 - Copy.jpg
Spoken for:
2 Wahlstrom drill chucks
3 J&L 4MT-4JT arbors, 1 still available.
Smaller live center
Partial micrometer carriage stop
B&S turret tool
Albrecht drill chuck
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#6 MT live center. Turns with a nice tight, smooth, bearing feel.
No makers marks anywhere. Except to stone some burrs.
IMG_1315-1 - Copy.jpgIMG_1316 - Copy.jpgIMG_1317 - Copy.jpg