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Some shop items to sell

Tail Stock style wrenches. These are pretty sloppy fits.
Sizes from left to right.
1.093" 1.170" 1.093" .895" .892"
IMG_1345 - Copy.jpg
I think these style wrenches came in a box with a new tool holder for lantern style tool posts. (probably not the 2 smallest sizes) But they're also good for other areas around a lathe. Carraige locks, compound swivel locks, etc. Most are Armstrong, (gray), or Williams.

IMG_1344 - Copy.jpegIMG_1337 - Copy.jpegIMG_1335 - Copy.jpegIMG_1336 - Copy.jpegIMG_1338 - Copy.jpegIMG_1339 - Copy.jpegIMG_1340 - Copy.jpeg
The first pic, the bottom Armstrong 5/8" should be in the above post.
The top wrench is a Billings & Spencer. Remember guys, this is the Antique forum and we care about that stuff. The one in the middle is an Armstrong.
The next 2 pics are of a little Armstrong. Could this be an early one with big letters and pre arm & hammer logo? Says #2 on the back and measures .480".

IMG_1333 - Copy.jpegIMG_1342 - Copy.jpgIMG_1343 - Copy.jpg
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Favor DS5 live center, #5 MT. I don't have any attachments that go on the taper.
Taper is approximately 1.5" long, 1.0" OD at small end, 1.070" OD at large end.
IMG_1374 - Copy (2).jpgIMG_1375 - Copy (2).jpg
Lantern tool holders, most all Armstrong or Williams.
The 12 across the bottom are all No. 1, right above them are seventeen No. 2., the 2 to the right of them are No. 3, and the next 5 are T-2.
The 3 large ones above that have been resized on the shank and there is no script but they take 1/2" bits. The 4 in the bottom right corner are T-2 for "tungsten carbide", there's no built in rake. The 4 on the bottom left are shop made.
Specify left, right, or straight. Remember a left tool points to the right.
I'm going to make this easy. Any holder in the picture $5.00 (not the tool post.)


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Just interesting.
These are two early Armstrong holders. Pat 1893
The dark one must be older as No. 1 is stamped on.
Shiney one is cast in, but has more character. That one has seen some use.
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Again interesting.
Just less common makers. I've never seen any tooling come from Beverly Hills Ca.
Still $5.
IMG_1385 - Copy.jpgIMG_1386 - Copy.jpgIMG_1387 - Copy.jpgIMG_1391 - Copy.jpgIMG_1388 - Copy.jpgIMG_1389 - Copy.jpgIMG_1390 - Copy.jpg
Parting/cutoff tools. No blades on left, blades on right.
Back to pay what what you want.
Consider the 2 in the middle as no blades.
IMG_1381 - Copy.jpg
Maybe you're a Blanchard fan want a unique paper weight or maybe you can use these. (I confess, I don't know where these go on a Blanchard grinder)
IMG_1396 - Copy.jpg
Jim, I have started 2 new conversations with you instead of going through your profile page. Let me know if you can see them.
Valenite indexable boring bars. Note the two smallest look like they may missing a lock nut or something. That's a lot of thread showing. I have not used them so again you need to evaluate.
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Quick change tooling. I don't have the chuck, just the collets.
They fit Scully Jones Magic Chuck.
Some are Collis. They aren't exact but look like they would interchange.
5 #3 MT collets and 4 #2 MT.
IMG_1408 - Copy.jpeg