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Source of high quality Euro look machine switches and push buttons ? (Pic)


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Like these for example… I’ve seen these Martin style switches at a trade show but can’t remember who the source was.


Idec has some interesting switches… others ?
I get emails from RJS Electronics so they must ship to US. The Allen Bradley 800 switches are more like the old heavier type and I believe they have some metal rather than chromed plastic rings. Dave


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Wouldn’t mind having the good quality ‘Euro look’ Martin sliding table saw the buttons in the OP’s picture were attached to. (Don’t mind my fantasy, I actually don’t have the work to justify such a saw)

A older Martin T17 otoh…. Yup, could justify that!



RAFI make the switches on the Dialog controlled Deckels and some other Euro machines. Broad selection of styles and very high quality.


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WEG makes some, sold via Factorymation. <https://www.factorymation.com/22mmPushbuttons_Indicators_qs/CSW_Multifunction_Pushbuttons> The WEG singular pushbuttons and rotary knobs are good quality in my experience. I can't speak to the multifunction switches.

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