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South Bend 10K for sale


Cast Iron
Jan 2, 2017
Selling my 10K.
I rarely use this lathe so I've decided to move it along.
I completely disassembled the lathe when I got it a few years ago, replacing a few worn parts, installed all new felts and thoroughly cleaned/de-greased and painted all components prior to reassembly.
I hate to get rid of it, but I have a Heavy 10, a nice 9A and this 10K. I use the Heavy 10 almost exclusively and this one probably has not seen more than an hour of use since refurbishing. Lathe is on a heavy duty bench with 2 very rugged steel drawers.
It is well equipped with a fair amount of tooling and accessories including:
* 3 & 4 jaw chucks
* 6" and 9" face plates
* NOS telescoping steady rest (never used)
* tail stock live and dead centers
* Jacobs tail stock chuck
* NOS Hardinge 6K collets (missing 3 to be a full set in 64ths, have all the original boxes) with NOS draw bar,
thread protector and spanner
* lantern/rocker tool post and tool holder w/wrench
* import Aloris style quick change tool post with a couple of tool holders, including one for knurling
* extra 6K emergency collets
* shop made height gauge for setting tool height
I'm sure there's a thing or two I'm forgetting, and I believe that I have an extra copy of "How to Run a Lathe" by South Bend, that I will throw in as well. Lathe is still under power and can be demonstrated.
I have about $2000. invested without including my time/labor to refurbish. Just looking to get my investment back.
I had taken some pictures of the tooling, but they disappeared. Can take more if it will help, but ultimately, seeing it in person is best. Obviously shipping is not an option. Local pick up only.
Please PM with any questions or comments.
Thanks for looking.

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