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South Bend 13 price?


May 17, 2013
13" SB would make you a great starter model;
Still a few of those showing up that were Tech school surplus, and not heavy wear! BTW; I seem to recall I have a 1 7/8--8 backplate ( 6"??) available in my stash; never knew much about those older spindle sizes; thanks for that info John! Sent Rudd a PM re: backplate!


Hot Rolled
Mar 10, 2010
When I found a 13 inch SBL {I think it was a high school lathe} I made sure it had the 2 1/4" X 8" spindle nose, it came with a three jaw chuck but have added a four jaw and a 5C collet closer..


Cast Iron
Jan 5, 2021
Ohio, USA
I think this is a fine lathe. Decent price, too. I’d make the guy an offer and run with it. $1900 is pretty good already.

I have. 13 of a similar era and I love it. Tooling isn’t that hard to find, but it’s not as common as a 10” or a 9” SBL.

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Jan 12, 2022
san diego
I just bought a SB13 about 3 months ago. It has 2 levers on the gear change box. It came with a taper attachment, Adjust a Tru 3 jaw Buck chuck with extra jaws, big dials, 5c closer with collets, 2 steady rest, Palmgren milling attachment, tool holders, bits, complete wrenches, some kind of plate that fits the spindle, Jacobs 16N and keyless Jacobs drill holder for the back. The spindle is in great shape. Basically complete for $850. So far I invested $100 for the VFD, $100 for the wicks, $60 for import carbide bit holder(3), $150 for a QCTP and t nut, $20 for levelling feet, $50 for the belt( original was leather), $100 for degreaser/cleaner/kerosene/oil/grease/brushes/ rags/ . P.S the lock for the apron is broken(missing), the gray paint is bubbled, crack and peeling.



Mar 23, 2006
Vershire, Vermont
This one has been molested, IMO, and I think if you look harder and longer you can find a better deal, but if you want one now, go for it. First lathes are starters - when you realize their limitations and start to do more varied work, you'll know what to look for in a second lathe and will start to realize the advantages of having different sizes/styles of lathes to do different jobs and the advantages of having a lathe with a chuck and a lathe set up for collets. After that, you're headed down a slippery slope, and loving it. :)

My first was a lathe a lot like this one, down to the single lead screw and 1-7/8" spindle nose. Nursed it along for 30 years and sold it. No reason you can't. 13" SB's are more versatile than the 10" lathes, which go for a lot more money.

Personally, I don't get a VFD on this machine. Replace a starter switch with a VFD because the switch is broken? At 5x the expense and 10x the work? I think the PO just wanted to put his personal stamp on it. It's plenty usable with the original flatbelt/step pulley/back gear arrangement, which keeps the machine quite a bit more reliable than adding the VFD.

Keep us posted!