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South Bend 16" Steady Rest, OVER Sized Steady Rest and Cross Slide Stops.


Cast Iron
Nov 10, 2020
Central Ohio
I have some surplus South Bend 16" Steady rests and some cross slide stops. I am sure the steady's are for a South bend 16 but not 100% sure on the cross slide stops.

The normal sized steady rest appears to have been braised at the hinge. I have the cast bed clamp for the steady but it is broken in half.
I am asking $275 plus shipping.

The over sized steady is in great shape and has the bed clamp.
I am asking $650 plus shipping.

The cross slide stops seem to be in good shape and the measurement fully closed is about 3.25". Im sure they will also work on other lathes as well.
I am asking $50 each for these.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more pictures or measurements. I am happy to provide any details.

Thank you!