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South Bend 9 model A or Clausing 100 12"?


Mar 15, 2019
Thank you to all that share answers to my questions.

Several years ago I purchased a Clausing 12" I think a model 100 that doesn't have a quick change gear box. It was not beat and in good condition. I went through it cleaning and lubing as needed. The cross feed bevel gears were damages so it doesn't cross feed but other than that I've found it very handy. Recently I found a nice South Bend 9 model A (has gearbox)with a 4' bed in very good condition. Next to no wear on bed and all gears show no wear, are square, and no missing teeth. A nice new Dayton motor as well that I'll be wiring with a new reversing switch. The only thing I can find that it needs is the cross feed nut. So which should I keep? The larger Clausing in good shape is larger but doesn't have a gear box and needs cross feed gears or smaller South Bend 9A as just described.

Also, where is the best place to buy the cross feed nut? I do have a new felt kit for the SB so as needed those can be changed. Any other suggestions of things that should be checked and changed are appreciated.

Thank you so much!




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