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South Bend 9A Cleaning update

Lathe Junkie

Feb 22, 2020
Well it has been an interesting week. I started on cleaning my Lathe and got the Apron done, with no left over parts!!

Next is the QC Gear Box.

BUT, I have been looking to evilbay and found a Handlever Collet Attachment with 27 (!) collets. They are even in the Plastic Boxes!! Of course it said it was complete......but........NOT!

I am trying to figure out what I still need to use this other than the Yoke Bracket and Bracket Stud, I need a picture of one of these installed on a Lathe so I can try and see what I am missing.

I have looked at the Army Manual with the Pars list but it is not real clear. Mine seems to be what they call the "Old Style"

I did get the Spindle Thread protector and spanner with the sleeve to go from MT3 to MT2 so that is ok.

May I ask if you have on installed on your Lathe to send/Post a picture of both end of the Headstock??

And of course the Chuck is stuck on the spindle but I just read Clemsons (sp?) post on how to remove it so will do that while the QCGB is soaking in the Wash Tank.

Thanks for all the help with this and putting up with the new-bee questions.

C Mc