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South Bend Model 9A Quick Change Gear Box Shaft


Jan 21, 2023
I am working on restoring a 1950 South Bend Model 9A lathe. I have been using the rebuild guide by Ilion Industries and have most recently been working on dismantling the quick change gear box. Taking apart the quick change gear box of course means that I had to remove the taper pin that secures the cone gear to the shaft. Unfortunately, the taper pin was very stuck, and I ended up drilling out the pin. While I was able to remove the pin, I unfortunately managed to create some extra holes in the cone gear and shaft that were not there before (see pictures below).




So far, I have looked for a replacement shaft and cone gear but haven't had any luck finding one. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement shaft and cone gear? I am also open to suggestions about possibly repairing it myself if anyone thinks it may be possible.

I ran into the same problem. the taper pin was so tight, I thought I was driving it the wrong way. I eventually gave up. It's the only shaft I wasn't able to clean and replace the felts. screwed with my ocd for a while.
I just did this too.
I had to drill it out and the drill ended up walking.
So what I did was drill a larger hole and tapped it to a 1/4-20 thread iirc.
I tried to clean it up as best I could with some files.
I think it came out ok but it really messes with my OCD.
Im thinking im gonna weld it egged out hole close and keep the other end that tapped and perfectly drilled.
Also I tapped the cone gear while on the shaft so when I put the set screw in it locks them together.


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