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1965 short bed 10L with hard bed:



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Fabio's 9in Model A

Hello everyone...I've been lurking on this site for a while...mostly because it's cool to see what other people are doing. I'm impressed with a lot of the restoration work people have done geared towards 'making chips' - way cool! Love it!

I bought my first lathe (pictured) about 10 years ago (I think). It was painted dark blue and needed some TLC. I didn't know too much about it at the time so I did a bunch of research, bought booklets etc., took it all apart, cleaned it up and painted it. I've used it quite a bit since. I love having a lathe in my workshop (working on getting a Bridgeport mill). My only gripe would be the spindle bore is a bit too small (would like to fit at least a 1in bar through there - and I would prefer an under-drive unit with a cabinet so she fits closer to the wall).

Just the other weekend as I was cleaning it and oiling it I thought I should embark on some more TLC which has been on my list for quite some time...the saddle screws are worn (about 30 thou slop on the dials - see the pictures) and the bed is worn and banged up a bit (I'm guessing the ways are not hardened) from who knows how many previous owners (pictures taken close to the headstock). The tailstock is worn on the flat side of the where it sits on the ways and the quill bore is a bit loose. Also, the saddle is missing a brass wiper cap and, of course, the wiper.

It has a taper attachement (never used), a set of collets, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, faceplates etc. I want to get a quick change tool post for it as well.



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New user, Old South Bend

Good evening all,

First and foremost I want to thank all of you for running the most informative and well organized machining forum I have come across.

I have been wanting to get into machining since I joined the Navy. I am an HT (welder) by rate, but have been fortunate to work with some great MR's (Machinery Repairmen) that totally amazed me by the things they could make from a blank piece of metal stock. I have been looking for a lathe for about 3 years, but had to be patient to find the right deal in order to get my wife to go along with it. Well I thank her for this because because of that and my patience waiting for the right deal to come along I was fortunate to come across a deal on CL that I think I made the right move on. I'll let you all be the judge from my pictures of what I got.

Everything you see in the pics, besides all of the stuff piled to one side of my garage (misc junk and kids toys) I rescued from the attic of a 1914 three story house. I went and looked at the stuff and decided this is the one. I talked a friend of mine, though I doubt he was thinking "friend" into helping me haul this stuff down and out to the truck. I finally got it all after a couple of trips and now it is semi setup in my garage. I am looking forward to oiling it all up and trying my hand at making some chips. Alright well enough babbling, I'm going to post the pics, please let me know what you think. Everything is South Bend except for the band saw, it is an older Delta Milwaukee. BTW I paid $900 for everything. All of the photos can be found at:

Pictures by benninj - Photobucket




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9 inch and heavy 10

I picked up the 9 about 12 years ago, and then came across a heavy 10. The 10 is loaded up with collets, taper attachment, and several chucks. The 9 is a 1952, and the 10 is a 1943:




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Here's my lathe information:

10L Tool Room, 4 ft bed, threaded spindle (CL), “S” Series,
2 1/4 – 8 tpi Spindle, Catalog No. 8187-A

Serial # - 129751






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My 1952 Model B

Hello! I'm new to the site and hope to return often!

I've had this 1952 Model B (sold it and bought it back!) since 1991. I'm in the renovation process. I'm looking for a SB cabinet. Any help is appreciated.




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Hi SB Forum members,

Remember that this thread is basically a "gallery" thread, and not intended for commentary and extraneous discussion. The idea is to keep it from becoming overly long and rambling. Please start a new thread for questions and discussion. See the first post in this thread for guidelines.

long time away

Ive been gone for years off the forum,,,,I love these south bends,,currently restoring a heavy 10. as soon as I refigure how to do pics on here ,,,,,,,,,,,will get involved
Here is my 1914 Model 28, 11"x5'-0", s/n 3193. Just finished the renovation the other day. She's out of retirement now, fellers.






After - Detail


Rendering from CAD model I did while the lathe was disassembled


Made an exploded view from the CAD model for a little "shop art"
1929 9"x 4' SB lathe

This is my 1929 9"x4' South bend lathe(cat# 82-AB). I put v-belt headstock and counter shaft pulleys on a horizontal drive.


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I rushed to get these pictures in but I think it captured the lathe in it's most endearing appearance......dirty.

I think this machine was built in 1942. It is actually a turret lathe that I have transformed into a standard lathe with help from forum member IBgolfer. He provided me with a nice cross slide and I already had a tail stock. The turret will be fitted into a custom cabinet for storage until it is needed. I found a vintage cabinet that holds the various cutters a other small accessories for the lathe. This machine was indeed a challenge to bring back into working condition but was worth all the effort.
My 1934 Workshop 9"

I'd just dragged the old gal home and onto a bench in this pic.

Two things I thought might be of interest (if you can see them in this pic) are a/ the fully chrome-plated handwheels and half-nut lever, and b/ the integral cast finger lug on the change gear cover. These differ from what I'd have expected, based on my reading so far on this model. (Please PM me if you have any comments, or (especially) any spare 1-3/8" -10 backplates or faceplates, or spare 20 DP change gears.)

Serial No. 56352. 3' bed.
Diamond-shaped tag on gear cover says, 'Herbert Moore Machinery Co., San Francisco'.


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Here are a few photos of "my" lathe. Actually it is my dad's...
18"swing 12' bed. Catalog number is 94-H, Serial is 37078
Brought down from Texas some years ago.
One of the gears had some teeth stripped off so that is in for repair. I want to clean it up well and paint it when I have time. It doesn't look so good right now,poor thing






Wheee! If your iPhone doesn't have a wide enough angle to take a full frontal shot, you can just take a bunch of separate pictures and Photoshop them all together, right?

This is my beloved 13".

You'd never know it, but she was kind of a wreck, once upon a time. She had sat neglected in the back of damp garages in the Pacific Northwest for a few decades. The poor girl was landlady green with rust highlights, had frozen pulley bearings, and had a bad case of "the rancid slime". Ugh.

In 2004, my dad and I put her in a U-Haul and brought her back to my garage in Southern California, where I slowly brought her back to life. Now she's my girl.

I didn't do anything heroic, like regrinding the bed. Just took her apart, and put her back together again with love and repairs. And you can see that I returned her to her factory original sunburst-yellow/black/red paint job (Ha!).

We aren't really machinists yet, she and I. But we play our music loud, and have a lot of fun together.

These are good days.

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8-inch bench lathe

Here is my little 8-inch Southbend. It has casting #'s 2-25-27


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