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kelly mt

May 24, 2008
Noxon, Mt
This is my 1928 SB. It has a 8' bed and two speed drive. It spent it's life in a gun shop in Spokane, WA.


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Slow down

Nov 20, 2018
EC4B565D-246B-4991-99C8-796CF6C6BE29.jpg82E7232F-C32B-4292-AD70-706ED34B8099.jpgbefore and after pictures of my 13” SB . Has been restored for about six months just got around to posting ��


Jan 14, 2022
Purchased lathe for $750 and designed and built the cabinet system with flip out end shelves for parts.
South Bend 9" R Junior model. Cat# 422YN
Still adding items from many sources.
Currently working on fabing up an atlas milling attachment to fit.

Looking for replacement cross feed nut and compound nut, if anyone knows where they can be located.
I did take about half of the backlash out of my bronze crossfeed nut by taping ( ever so carefully) the top to tighten up the threading.

Hi. Newby here. I realize this is an old thread, but curious to know if you made any contacts over the years for part for your lathe. I have the same model and it's incomplete. Missing the entire countershaft and motor assy.


Oct 19, 2004
Here's one with some neat history...

View attachment 262436

Serial Number - 10407TKX14
Catalog Number - CLC8175C
Bed Length: 6'
Extras - Handwheel collet attachment and rack, handlever collet attachment, large faceplate, telescoping jaw steady rest, telescoping jaw follower rest,handlever bed turret (serial number of lathe stamped into it), handlever turret (tailstock style), square turret, taper attachment, thread indicator, and an unused full set of metric transposing gears.

The back story to this machine is that is was sold by Star Machinery to Mr. Jim Gibbs of Hensley & Gibbs Bullet Molds in 1965. Quite a few years after Mr. Gibbs had (sort of)retired and his son Wayne had taken over the business, my father had become acquainted with Jim and they became very good friends. As years went by, Jim decided to start selling some of the machines he had kept, and at some point, he graciously offered this South Bend and a Bridgeport mill to my dad. To make along story short(er), Pop has gotten on in years and has not touched or run the SB for many years. It's pretty dirty but is in great mechanical shape and run like a dream. Needs cleaning and some paint here and there, but with it's history I may just leave well enough alone...
Here's a few more pics. Thanks for letting me share...
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H&G molds were some of the very best.
Great story to go with your machines.



Jun 26, 2022
Been been looking for a clean heavy 10 when I ran across this nice 1958 3 1/2' 9a. Came with a Buck 3/4 jaw, 6 pc 1/4" tool holders, Hardinge collets, drawbar, thread dial, Jacobs chuck ect... Motor is a newer Dayton 1/2 hp. Only needed a good clean up / oil. Test cut a 10" 5/8 brass rod .0003 taper. Spindle bore runout <.0001. Impressive for an old gal....:cheers:

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