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Southbend 2vh mill


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I’m looking for some advice on a southbend mill. The quill is very tight in both directions I removed the return spring and the lock I was looking for some advice or pointers before I dug into it. Also does anyone know where to get parts for this. I just purchased this mill it is in very good shape but has been setting for a while. Any help is greatly appreciated

Richard King

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I was looking at a photo of your machine on Google and the one I saw looked like a Bridgeport clone. If it is an exact clone and the spindle quill is the same, this may help you. If you or someone else replaced the spindle bearings, the cap or bearing retainer that is on the bottom of the quill, look at the back side or column side of the quill. There is a hole on the bottom / back side and that holds a 1/4 20 set screw and that is either double set screwed or loc-tited
in. People over tighten that screw and that makes the quill get egg shaped just enough to make the quill bind up when it goes sup into the housing.
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Take your oil can and hand apply oil to the OD of the quill when it is extended as far as it will go. Work it up and down a few times. Reapply oil and run it up and down again. Extend it all the way, wipe off the oil until clean. Reapply and work it up and down a few times. This should free up all of the crud that collects in the bore of the head and fresh lubricant should free it up to where it moves up and down freely.

I have to do this to my mill every once in a while when the quill get hard to move. If it is getting black streaks on the quill housing, it's not clean enough. Keep wiping and oiling until the quill is clean. You may have to remove the quill and clean. Ken