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Special gage block?


Hot Rolled
Jul 3, 2021
Sometimes a block is just a block. All kinds of blocks are used in work setup, parallelism and squareness are then more important than specific dimensions, which is why one of the three doesn't come to a round number. Still it's possible it had some special application :)


Jan 6, 2007
We had a cupboard in the guage room in work full of the most obscure sized blocks, round setting rods weird jig things, then we got 5s, they went in the scrap bin with not much loss to anyone, the spiders lost a home, some of the boxes were really nice dovetailed polished mahogany lined with looks expensive purple velvet, it’s surprising what stuff gets accumulated, as they were being chucked in the boys from the grinding section were fishing them back out and sticking them in another cupboard!, it was a virtual rehoming of junk, 12 months later the 5s moved to grinding, they went back in the bin, no doubt someone else fished them out ( I was one, one box had 2 blocks, looked like parallels to me, still have them, if it’s chunky I’d recommend sawing them into a quick set of parallels if the blocks ground and square)
It’s a funny world