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Speedio / Fusion 360 - Probing Z (issue) and Angle?


Nov 28, 2016
Hello all,

Apologies if this should be in the CAM section.

I'm using my Speedio with 8700 probing macros and a Renishaw probe. For some reason I'm getting an error when probing Z from a Fusion 360 posted cycle. The probe seems to error out, SM2085 *Macro command error, when it gets to the feed distance above the part ... line "#4=#24+[#17*#16/#14]" in sub-program '8704'. It probes just fine when I 'manually' run the 0707 program. I have no problem when I probe an X and Y with a Fusion posted cycle and the 'manual' cycles. Is there something I'm missing in the Fusion program for Z?

Secondly, the Fusion post (including latest) seems to error out when posting a program for probing angle of a part. I don't think it posts an 8700 angle program, but it will for Renishaw (I don't have those macros). Is there a post that has this?
This statement has no problem unless #14 is zero. Check its value. Is it defined?

The problem could be somewhere else also, in a subsequent block, because a number of macro statements are read and evaluated immediately.
If we are talking Blum macros with Fusion then the Autodesk post is just totally broken.... For some reason they won't pull my fixes

See here for a big fixed post that I maintain. It's got quite a few other nice features as well (including tool length checking at cycle start). You can also do fun things like manual probe skew and then enable rotation in the post