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Speedio vs. Decked out Syil vs. ???


Hot Rolled
Nov 28, 2016
Bullshit. Look two posts up, that's what Vanc just said. Literally.

"Chinese propaganda" why don't you piss off, LOTT ? Stupid fuck, I've owned and run ten times more American nc machines than you've ever seen in your entire life. Fool.
Take it easy, it's a reference to the other threads where you were talking about Chines history and current events. And what does American machines have to do with this?


Apr 14, 2018
Over the River and Through the Woods
A little research because I was curious, their claims do not match what one would expect.

There is a registered sai li company in ningbo, no mention of taicang, same guy as principal as listed on the website, has registered capital but it's only $400,000 total, (that doesn't mean they have that much, it's just the total size decided for category purposes; the size of the business decides what the registered capital is) kinda small for a giant operation with two factories and they have a total of eight (8) insured employees. Insurance is mandatory.

So decide as you will on ningbo sai li ... as I mentioned, I don't think small is a problem. But curtains and sound effects and barking small dogs can be.