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Spin sheet metal on LB25 Okuma

Jun 23, 2022
I’m used to regular cnc work but I’m interested in spinning sheet metal. Its just curiosity, not a commercial idea. Could it be done reasonably well on a fairly stout old lb25 Okuma lathe? The videos I’ve seen show some specialized, heavy looking tools.


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
That only limits the size of the work, not a limitation on the basic process. If he wants to experiment I don't see any reason not too.
It's the "safety" thing that gets me. That machine is meant to run a certain way. Doing anything else on it is using it out of purpose. He can do what he wants, but I'd pass.


Oct 14, 2009
Louisville, KY, USA
It’s not as though there are any actual safety features on a spinning lathe. They’re essentially extra heavy wood lathes.

Spinning lathes look huge because the starting blank can easily be 1.5-2 times the diameter of the finished work, so even relatively modest projects require a lot of swing.

The process puts more axial thrust on the spindle than wood or metal turning, but I think an old metal lathe is a decent starting machine.