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Springfield 401 lathe

Vincent B.

May 31, 2022
I’m looking at a Springfield 401 lathe but I don’t understand the way they put in the power requirements. They put it as 3/60/220/440 and I also don’t know if it is a decent lathe the price is 2500.
Here is the website that I’m looking at it on,


Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
We had the same lathe back at the family homestead years back but in the 22" size. I would say that one was built in the late 1930's early 1940's. It's serial number 401 from the pictures on HGR's website for those that want to hook it up. It has a 10 HP motor can be wired for either 220 volts or 440 volts, 3-phase. The ways don't look too bad, but I bet they have wear on them!