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Starrett 24 x 36 Granite Surface Plate Cabinet Rolling Mobile Stand


Nov 19, 2021
$800 Cash

$3800 Retail
24" Wide x 36" Long x 28" High
Made in USA!!!

This stand was actually used in the inspection room, in the Starrett Factory - Mt. Airy, NC. It originally had a 24x36x6 Pink Granite AA Plate on it. I am a new hobby machinist, trying to learn and restore WW2 Machinery. I purchased the setup so I could use the plate for inspection and to hand scrape parts on my machines to refurbish them. I only have a small 1 car garage, and the foot print of the stand took up too much room (I could have another machine in its place). I decided to put the plate on my custom toolbox (supported correctly) for more floor space. The sale of this would greatly help my hobby, thank you for your support!
The cabinet is solid, fully welded steel. It has supports under the top plate. It has 2 fixed casters, and 2 swivel casters with big foot pads to lock it easily. There is 1 shelf inside. The doors have magnets to keep them shut. You are also able to turn the handle to lock the doors more securely. 2 Brand new keys are included for the lock, along with 2 new Starrett Stickers.
Functionally, the cabinet is near perfect. There are some cosmetic issues from it being used and transported. The top has scratches from the plate being installed/uninstalled. There are various scuffs/scratches all over the cabinet... but it is still very presentable. Could be custom painted if it needs to be 100% perfect. There are some area's where the paint is stained... mainly on the back. I tried to provide pictures of the blemishes. The wheels have been rolled on semi-rough concrete.

This can be picked up locally in Belmont, NC

I can also ship by Freight.Starrett Cab 1.jpgStarrett Cab 2.jpgStarrett Cab 3.jpgStarrett Cab 4.jpgStarrett Cab 5.jpg


Oct 14, 2010
Oregon, USA
I'm not disputing Starrett's prices, but as a point of comparison I bought a brand new 24x36 castered stand (not a cabinet) from Standridge in Feb 2021 for $627.