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Starrett, Mitutoyo, etc. Shop Tools


Cast Iron
Jan 2, 2017
Continuing to clean out duplicate tools in my shop. All tools are in VG or better condition. Closeup pictures of any of the tools are available for the asking. Prices do not reflect shipping and happy to combine items to help with shipping. Check or money order please.

A. Mitutoyo 193-211 micrometer, 1” with .0001 graduations. This is identical to item J., but is
missing the black plastic that snaps into the main part of frame. Good condition user, if you’re
partial to this style. $20. PENDING

B. Nice little Starrett 6” combination square $25. PENDING

C. Brown & Sharpe 29 Degree/Acme Thread Gauge. $10.

D. No. 284 Starrett 29 degree/acme thread gauge. $12. PENDING

E. Starrett 6” level, standard vial $25. PENDING

F. Nice Mitutoyo 12” combination square set. I’ve used this set for a number of years, but rarely
use it anymore. Still has scribe in the square head, but scribe is missing the knob. $50. PENDING

G. Mitutoyo 6” digital daliper in original plastic case. Nice cond. w/fresh battery $35. PENDING

H. Mitutoyo 6” dial caliper with .001 graduations, in original plastic case. Small, fine hairline crack
in crystal. Has original paperwork. $25. PENDING

I. Mitutoyo 117-107 Uni-Mike in original plastic case with round and flat anvils, spare spring and
wrench. Micrometer has pitting to finish from the original foam degrading in lid(now gone) Still
perfectly usable. $20. PENDING

J. Mitutoyo 193-211 micrometer, 1” with .0001 graduations. Good condition in original clamshell
case w/wrench $45. PENDING

K. Verdict .0005” Test Indicator in original clamshell case with clasp. Includes a small vial with
spare indicator tips. Imperial measure, made in England. $25. PENDING

L. Import 6” digital caliper in original case with paperwork. Have used this for ½ dozen years.
Fresh battery. $15. PENDING

M. Lufkin 8 pc. radius gauge set, 9/32” to ½” in 32nds. in vinyl case. Original owner’s name is
written on the case w/sharpie and also neatly engraved on the back of ea. Gauge. $15.

Machinist tools 11-8.jpg
Machinist tools II 11-8.jpgMachinist tools III 11-8.jpgMachinist tools IV 11-8.jpg

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Joe Michaels

Apr 3, 2004
Shandaken, NY, USA
I would like to purchase:
-Starrett 6" combination square
-Starrett 29 degree Acme Thread Gauge
-Mitutoyo Digital Caliper

Please send me a PM as to your mailing address and shipping charges and I will send you a check.

Thanks !
Joe Michaels


Cast Iron
Jan 2, 2017
Item "C" (B & S Acme thread gauge) and item "M" (Lufkin radius gauge set) are still available.
All items marked "PENDING" have been sold, thanks to all.