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Stellite 6B


Sep 27, 2015
I'm aware it's difficult to work with but as to how difficult I don't know. We have never worked with it before so we are not sure if we can cut it with the saw even or if a special cutting blade is necessary? Maybe some standard blade used for stainless steel will be good enough? We are discussing whether to outsource the sawing or not..

We need to make a M20 thread about 60mm deep as well, I assume tapping it is a nightmare?

Also.. we'll need to do some Internal grinding on it, can it be done with standard wheels?



Jul 6, 2006
Hillsboro, New Hampshire
It seems to be basically a composite with a chromium carbide "fill" and a cobalt matrix. Hardness in the low 30's - 40's, so nominally machinable but very abrasive is my guess.

My quick take is you can machine it with carbide tools, but plan for rapid wear and replacement. I think HSS tools will wear very quickly, so thread milling will be a better option than trying to tap it.

If grinding, as a high-cobalt material I'd want good dust control, it isn't safe to breathe.

Have fun, let us know how it went...