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Still going w/ "trash" machines 3 yrs on- a commentary on privilege and work

Gary E

Jan 2, 2006
Houston, TX
ahh,,,,thank you,,, but dont all dozers run on tracks?... oh nevermind fugitabtit...

Now ya want to learn how farmers make SOOOOOOO much???
just like in the mid 60's.... youngin listening to old timer... old timer says to youngin... come here and listen to me
....only gona say this one word one time softly.......plastics........

Now for the farmers....... futures contracts ..............

You have a farm and lots of soybeans...... comming... not yet...but there they are out in the fields....
you sell (SHORT) a couple Contracts of Beans...... price falls and you buy the contracts back... your now FLAT and have a pile of money in your account.... do that a few times a day and you make $1000.00 or more every day... Keep doing that and why bother to actually farm the dam things.... just TRADE THE BEANS..... :)

I know a Corn farmer in Ill..... he also trades Corn Futures.... and makes more $ trading , but he says.... "I have the land and I'm farmer...so... thats whut I dooo"


Sep 26, 2012
California, Ventura county
Yes the TD is for diesel thing is TD18 was replaced by the TD20 a billion years ago.
hideous things that that you started on gas and the switched over to to diesel once they got going and warmed up a bit.
bigger pain in the butt then the pony motors that Cat used.
There was the T18 that was gas even older.
Much like the Cat R series and then the RD.
Now when they went to like from the TD9 to the TD9B it was a more modern direct injections engine

Limy Sami

Jan 7, 2007
Norfolk, UK
Not blue?:eek:

Yep, more precisely - Blue if I was paying for the machine and running costs, green if someone else was :D

Though I have a very soft spot for the Muir Hill, but the County was more commonly seen.

That said and to be fair, in the 35Hp class nowt held a candle to the MF 35X & 135.


Jan 25, 2013
This is a very ill representation of how to make money, rather how to lose quite abit very fast.

This is basically akin to running out and playing the stock markets, only with much higher risk levels involved.

You make this sound so easy, and to the uninformed individual ITS JUST THAT EASY!

Reality, you had better know exactly what your doing, or you will make $1000 on day, and lose $10K the next, no upselling on those figures. As the amounts of money your dealing with to make those those numbers is huge in comparison.
Thus your risk ratio and extreamly high.

Not saying its not true, but your Run of the mill farmer, does not use this practice to make his gross income. If at all really.

Its funny to see outsiders seeing farmers making money the last two years, but dont look at the last 20 years.

In any case you do bring up a good Point Gary.


Oct 25, 2017
Great read.... I just purchased an alliant mill so I stumbled acrossed your post. I hope your still kicking ass!!


Sep 2, 2013
I can't believe there are still TD machines in serious use. The newest one in the world has to be 45 years old.

My dad bought a TD-9 with a Hough loader when I was about 10 years old. We dug a pond with it and used to clear fence rows. It finally got where we could not keep the tracks on and we scrapped it. I think it was a 1953. You started the motor on gas and then switched to diesel when it was warmed up. It also had its own grease pump on wheels for the undercarriage.

Go to the King of obsoletes page if you want to see old cats still working, a lot of it on frozen lakes.