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Straight rod for setting drill press table and cross-slide vise perpendicularity


Mar 5, 2022
Want to clarify one thing that I said which may be misunderstood.

I'm not a gunsmith, not do I play one on TV, I use the services of gunsmiths when needed. I make jigs and fixtures for loading ammo, hopefully better ammo than I can buy off the shelf.

Bill D

Apr 1, 2004
Modesto, CA USA
I am surprised a 1956 Bridegport has a square ram. For some reason I thought the round ram was made up into the 1960's.
That Bp is only 1,000 more then a new mill/drill. The vise and collet set is worth a few hundred dollars by themselves.
The bare base of the BP weighs about 600 pounds which is the weight of the entire mill/drill. All the main bits that come off are about 200 pounds each. So a Bp is triple the weight to soak up vibrations
Bill D


Feb 22, 2010
sloppy quill: no idea why people get worked up about it. its not a mill. its even usefull, the drill find its location easier. and you have a free
floating holder for reaming.

after you adjusted the table and vice square to spindle axis you might find the travel is out of tram and that original adjustment was a good working compromise.

sorry you wasted money on the red gadget, pretty usless imho.