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Sub spindle transfer issue on Mazak Integrex 640MT 5X


May 29, 2020
Hi guys,

I'm wondering if anyone could help me or come across the same issue in the past?

We have a Mazak Integrex 640MT with a sub spindle and we are very tight on clearance with this current job and we would like to keep the milling head as close to the main chuck as possible during the transfer. However when we try and do the transfer in Mazatrol or EIA, it seems to want to home the head first which just isnt an option on our little 100IISY. Does anyone know how to keep the head parked in a different position from the home position during a transfer?

I have a code here that we have been trying out. Any help would be much appreciated as I am now stuck on where to go next with it.

(Eject finished part to parts catcher, Pull out part, part off, home Sub chuck)

N007 G50 S1000 (limit/clamp spindle speed)
N008 T1010.9
N009 M19
N010 G00Z-10.
N019 G110Z2 (Select Z2 SUB)
N020 G00Z-510. M48 (open parts catcher)
N030 G04X1.
N035 G111 (cancel Z2 sub selection)
N040 G0C0.
N050 M306 (open sub chuck)
N060 M49 M319 (close part catcher, orient sub chuck)
N065 G110Z2 (select sub chuck Z-axis)
N070 G00Z-709.5 (move to pickup part)
N080 M307 (close sub chuck)
N090 G04X2.
N100 M6 (open main chuck)
N110 G04X2.
N120 G01Z-669.5 F3000. (move to part off position)
N121 G111 (Cancel Z2 SUB)
N123 M202 (Turning mode to take it out of C axis)
N125 M304S0. (Sub chuck rotate spindle 0rpm - Haven't found code to cancel m319 so came up with this and N127 which works fine in MDI mode)
N127 M305 (sub chuck stop rotation)
N130 M7 (close main chuck)
N140 G04X2.
N150 G00Z0. (move grooving tool to cutting position)
N160 M502 M04 S1000. (sync spindle - tried m380, m502 and m511, all seem to be similar and i dont know the difference between them)

(above seems to be where the issue is, either it doesn't spin in unison, or it hangs up and doesnt do anything. Closest i have gotten is rotating the sub chuck using the main chuck but this would damage the jaws if done repeatedly)

N170 G00X21. M153 (rapid clear, thru cool on)
N180 G01X3. F60. (feed/rev)
N185 G01X0. F30. (reduced feed close to centreline)
N190 G28 X0. (Home X)
N200 M5 M9 (spindle stop, coolant off)
N210 M505 (switch off matched spindles)
N219 G110Z2
N220 G28Z0. (move to home - sub chuck)
N230 G111
N240 M199 (return to mazatrol prog)

Thanks in advance!


Hot Rolled
Aug 24, 2018
NSW , Australia
I had a look at M518 and what it does in PLC and it is big. hard to understand and to make sense of it. Try it and see if u can fix ur issue, if not, we will think harder.
INTEGREX PLC logic is impossible to understand unless u boost your brains activity with a ton of chemicals. I will pay a lot to actually meet someone who can understand INTEGREX PLC ladder =)