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Summit Large Bore Lathe For Sale $5,500 obo

Joe Miranda

Oct 19, 2004
Elyria Ohio
We are putting up our 17x40 Summit Lathe for sale. We bought this lathe because we thought we would need it for an upcoming job but we ended up going in a different direction and we need the room in our shop.

We got this machine when a friend of mine lost his rental space. We went through it pretty good. We replaced some faulty contactors and switches and the lathe is in very nice running condition. It is an older machine but it has a 3" plus bore, a taper attachment, a very nice steady rest, a four jaw (that we made new operating screws for) and the tail stock is one of the nicest we have used. We cleaned and painted it when we got it so it looks pretty good. The casting has a corner chipped out where the chip pan mounts - it was like that when we got it.

We already have two CNC lathes and a newer manual lathe that is smaller and we use it more so this one has to go. I didn't want to get rid of it but my sons say it's time to let it go. We have the specs listed in the vid but if you have any questions or would like more info just shoot us an email. We can load at our end. If you want to ship it we will work with you but you HAVE to come and check it out first. Once it's loaded on the truck it's yours. Your welcome to run it and cut stuff on it and measure to your heart's content.

It's not rebuilt but we took covers off and checked gears and made adjustments to our personal satisfaction with the intent that we made it serviceable for our purposes.

In the attached video you can see that the spindle lever is reversed - we have an extension cord that we use for our machine try-outs and sometimes it goes clockwise and sometime anti-clockwise.

A short video of the machine: Summit 17'' lathe - YouTube

$5,500 obo [email protected]


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